Cookie Cutter – Old Sewing Machine


When I started 3d printing my wife (a quilter) gave my efforts a bit of the cold shoulder.  Then one day I decided to make a cookie cutter in a shape of a quilt.  Being a long time crafter/maker I made one from memory (which is the Blazing Star), suddenly she is excited!  I got (you guessed it) cookies.  I discovered the quilting/sewing community also loves sewing machine shaped things.  Here is an old sewing machine for you!


  • Cookie Cutters are made with Food Grade Filament (yes it is a real thing)
  • They are not dishwasher safe, but soap and water clean them up nicely.
  • Use flour as your release agent, the more detailed the cookie the more diligent you want to be about it.
  • Every cookie cutter shape is built to accommodate 1/8″ and thicker thick dough.


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