Cookie Cutter – Iconic – Blazing Star


When I started 3d printing my wife (a quilter) gave my efforts a bit of the cold shoulder.  Then one day I decided to make a cookie cutter in a shape of a quilt.  Being a long time crafter/maker I made one from memory (which is the Blazing Star), suddenly she is excited!  I got (you guessed it) cookies.  Turns out Blazing Star is one of the “Iconic Blocks”, so just like that the Iconic Block collect was born.

For those the excellent observation skills, you have surely already picked up on this little trivia bit.  The small version of the Blazing Star is not just smaller but reversed to the large one.  It is the only cookie cutter in the collect that is!


  • Cookie Cutters are made with Food Grade Filament (yes it is a real thing)
  • They are not dishwasher safe, but soap and water clean them up nicely.
  • Use flour as your release agent, the more detailed the cookie the more diligent you want to be about it.
  • Every cookie cutter shape is built to accommodate 1/8″ and thicker thick dough.

3" (Correct Size), 2 1/2" (Small Size)


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